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Making San Jose more walkable, one step at a time.

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California Walks has worked in San Jose since 2012 to develop, better coordinate, and strengthen pedestrian safety efforts and walkability in neighborhoods across the city. Still, San Jose remains the largest city in California without a dedicated, staffed walk advocacy organization. At the same time, pedestrian fatalities in the city continue to increase, accounting for nearly half of all traffic fatalities in San Jose since 2014.

Given the urgency of addressing these issues, San Jose needs to develop the capacity and impetus to improve walkability, bikeability, and traffic safety, especially as the city’s population grows. Cal Walks has established the Walk San Jose program to leverage and localize the organization’s track record across the state and country. Walk San Jose taps into existing relationships with City and County staff, partner organizations, and community members to serve as a linchpin organization for walkability efforts in San Jose.

Some of our accomplishments include: working with City staff and community stakeholders on the adoption of San Jose’s Vision Zero policy and initial two-year action plan, helping the city secure over $29 million in grant funding for safety improvements on Vision Zero Priority Safety Corridors, establishing a Vision Zero San Jose Coalition, ensuring the City secured seed funding for its first comprehensive Pedestrian Master Plan, and creating a growing set of walking loop cards.


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Thank you to our partners: City Fabrick, Knight Foundation, and Santa Clara County Public Health Department.