Consulting Services

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Drawing from 10+ years of hands-on experience working with communities across California, our team is able to offer training, technical assistance, and consultation to professionals, public agencies, private entities, and community members on strategies for making communities more just, inclusive, and walkable.

Building off your community's existing strengths, assets, and unique history, Cal Walks can work with you to develop context-sensitive, tailored workshops, trainings, forums, and presentations, as well as offer more direct assistance on the development of active transportation policies, projects, and programs, implementation strategies, and grant applications.

To learn more about our consulting services, explore pricing, or schedule a workshop or training, contact Tony Dang at

We can assist you with:

Grant Writing and Application Support
Our staff have a demonstrated track record of coaching local communities on how to best pursue and secure funding to help them implement their active transportation priorities. Specifically for the Active Transportation Program (ATP), our staff have assisted over a dozen communities secure nearly $35 million to date in one of the most competitive grant funding programs in the state. We can help you pursue grant funding from initial project concept development through to grant writing services.

Neighborhood Needs Assessments and Asset-Mapping
Cal Walks has developed a variety of methods to conduct neighborhood assessments to identify your community's assets and needs to inform planning, policy, and decision-making processes, including:

  • Walking Assessments and Audits

  • On-Road Biking Assessments with League of American Bicyclist Certified Instructors (LCIs)

  • Safe Routes to School Assessments and Audits

  • Safe Routes to Transit Assessments

  • Safe Routes for Seniors Audits

  • PhotoVoice and VideoVoice Trainings

  • Nighttime Safety Audits

  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) Trainings

Community Leadership + Train-the-Trainer Workshop Series
We see and treat local communities as legitimate experts in their own lived experiences. Our services for residents are focused on transferring technical skills to communities to help them be leaders of change who drive decision-making processes in genuine ways that are based on their own expertise.

  • How to Conduct a Community-Led Walking/Biking Assessment

  • How to Conduct Pedestrian and Bicycle Counts

  • Active Transportation Policy 101

  • Crafting Winning  Campaigns

  • Engaging Agency Staff and Elected Officials

Coaching + Assistance

Through the generous support of our foundation partners and individual donors, we are able to provide coaching and assistance services at no-cost to community-based organizations, residents, and local governments in high-need communities across California.

To inquire about whether you community is eligible for no-cost services from the Cal Walks team, contact Tony Dang at

Additionally, Cal Walks can provide fiscal sponsorship for fledgling walk organizations.