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We believe that those who have been harmed by oppressive systems and those most impacted by planning and political decisions should direct the development and implementation of solutions, and we actively connect to and engage communities as leaders of change who drive decision-making processes in genuine ways that are based on their own expertise.

We co-empower, co-create, and co-operate with communities.

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Our Mission

California Walks is the statewide voice for pedestrian safety & healthy, walkable communities for people of all ages & abilities.

California Walks partners with state agencies, organizations and communities to establish and strengthen policies and practices that support pedestrian safety and healthy, walkable communities. California Walks works to expand and strengthen a network of community organizations working for pedestrian safety and community walkability through equity, engagement, education, advocacy and collaboration.



Our Vision:
Movement Power

Imagine that all Californians can move in public spaces under their own power, with confidence, dignity, and security. Imagine that all Californians of any race, identity, age, or ability can walk, run, or roll on people-friendly pathways that are safe, healthy, and welcoming in all neighborhoods and communities…


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Our Core Values
+ Guiding Principles

California Walks has identified three core values that are most central to our organization and our mission, as well as guiding principles that speak to how our organization does its work.

Our core values are: Justice; Community Leadership; and Partnership + Collaboration.



Our History

California has always been a hotbed of activism for safer streets and more just and inclusive communities. Some of the first dedicated walk advocacy organizations emerged in the Golden State, including WALKSacramento, Walk San Francisco, and Circulate San Diego (formerly Walk San Diego). With the support of the California Department of Public Health, these local groups identified the need for and helped give rise to California Walks.