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Big Award for San Jose Mothers and Daughters, Linda Hutchins-Knowles, Mother Ou Front, 03/03/19

Valley West circulation study released with sidewalk, parks project impending, Mad River Union, 01/30/19

Fatal hit & run on Almaden Expressway San Jose continues string of pedestrian deaths, Jesse Gary, KTVU, 01/28/19

Governor Newsom Has an Opportunity to Bring Balance to the California Transportation Commission, Melanie Curry, Streetsblog California, 01/17/19

Bill Would Make State Highways–Which Are Often City Streets–Accommodate All Users, Melanie Curry, Streetsblog California, 01/14/19


San Jose sees increase in pedestrian fatalities, Rob Fladeboe, KRON4, 12/21/18

Streak of pedestrian deaths highlight dangerous year on San Jose roadways, Robert Salonga, Mercury News, 12/20/18

Transformative Climate Communities Grants Announced, Melanie Curry, Streetsblog California, 12/20/18

Reminders: Money and Opportunities Available, Applications Coming Due, Melanie Curry, Streetsblog California, 11/20/18

State Awards Bicycle and Pedestrian Education Grants, Melanie Curry, Streetsblog California, 11/02/18

City Manager's Weekly: Downtown’s Walkable Parks and Trails Highlighted in New Map, David Sykes, San Jose City Manager's Office, 11/02/18

Upcoming summit focuses on making San Jose more pedestrian friendly: On Oct. 18-19, walking advocates and experts will discuss everything from sidewalks to scooters, Emily Deruy & Robert Salonga, Mercury News, 10/04/18

Podcast: Meet Elise Roy, One of the Speakers at this Year’s #PedCounts, Damien Newton, Streetsblog California, 09/19/18

New Overpass Plans In High-Traffic Area Worry San Jose Residents, Len Ramirez, CBS KPIX 5, 09/05/18

Planned Freeway Overpass Tests San Jose’s ‘Vision Zero’ Pledge to Reduce Traffic Fatalities, Grace Hase, San Jose Inside, 09/05/18

Bird goes after helmet laws for electric scooters, Dara Kerr, CNET, 07/14/18

South Bay Police Struggle to Enforce Laws Against Stoned Driving in Wake of Legalization, Grace Hase, San Jose Inside, 07/05/18

CA Bill No Longer Redefines E-scooters, But Removes Helmet Requirements for Over-18, Melanie Curry, Streetsblog California, 07/03/18

Not Exactly One Bill to Rule Them All, Melanie Curry, Streetsblog California, 06/13/18

California Transportation Commission Approves Gas Tax Funding, ATP Guidelines, Melanie Curry, Streetsblog California, 05/17/18

New Opportunity to Help Shape State Bike and Ped Policy, Design: Deadline Soon, Melanie Curry, Streetsblog California, 05/14/18

Thousands participating in National Walk to Work Day in Bay Area, ABC7, 04/05/18

County Holds Inaugural 'Walk To/At Work Day', Melissa Hartman, SF Gate, 04/05/18

Commuting on Two Feet, Sal Pizarro, Mercury News, 04/05/18

Public Weighs in on Proposed CEQA VMT/LOS Changes, Melanie Curry, Streetsblog California, 03/15/18

Bill Could Make it Easier for Cities to Lower Speed Limits, Melanie Curry, Streetsblog California, 02/23/18

Walkability is an increasingly important factor for those looking to buy/rent a home, Dana George-Berberich, Mercury News, 02/17/18