Joe Martinez

Board Member


Joe Martinez is the Outreach Manager with Fresno EOC Sanctuary and Youth Services and is an active member with the City of Fresno Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee (BPAC). On June 5, 2013, Joe lost his 21 year old son in Fresno as a pedestrian to a speeding driver. As a BPAC member, he has tackled many issues, engaged residents, worked closely with our council members, partnered with law-enforcement on several media campaigns. Our action items ranged from advocacy for infrastructure, creating a BPAC work plan, education for road users and community engagement and inclusion. Joe’s involvement on BPAC is in a leadership role serving as Vice Chair. He constantly speaks up about issues and concerns raised by residents as well as my own. Joe has served on several committees helping to develop ad campaigns, media releases, and press conferences in partnership with city staff and law-enforcement focused on pedestrian safety as it relates to promoting walkability communities. Before his role and presence on the committee there really was not enough attention given to pedestrian issues as there are today. It just goes to show that an ordinary resident such as Joe can serve in a leadership role in his neighborhood, community or as a city representative.